Microwave Oven Repair Services

Microwave Oven Repair Services

Microwave oven repair

We Provide all types of Microwave Oven Repair Services at your Doorstep in Delhi – Gurgaon – Noida – Faridabad – Ghaziabad. LG, Samsung, IFB, Whirlpool,Videocon, Godrej, Morphy Richards, Onida, Panasonic, Electrolux,Sharp.

My microwave isn’t working.

Investigate these two areas if your microwave isn’t working:


A fuse is a safety device that will cut off the flow of an electrical current if the current becomes too strong. This action protects your microwave. The first thing you should check if your microwave isn’t working is its fuse. The appliance will not work again until the fuse is replaced.

Door Switch

A faulty door switch may not allow your microwave to function. Test your microwave’s door switch and if it is defective, replace it.

I see sparks inside my microwave.

Investigate these areas if there are sparks (also called arching) inside your microwave:

Internal Cavity

Check the internal cavity of your microwave. Any food that has splattered or dripped into the microwave can continue to cook, causing sparks inside your microwave. This also applies to grease accumulating on the ceiling. Give your microwave a thorough cleaning.


Microwave energy could be concentrating in one area of your microwave, instead of distributing evenly throughout the unit, causing burning and sparking. This will happen if your microwave stirrer is not working. There are two reasons why your stirrer would not be working: either the fan motor is broken, or the stirrer belt is broken.

High Voltage Diode

The high voltage diode could be shorted or opened. You will have to test it with your ohmmeter, and if need be, replace it.

My carousel cooking tray isn’t turning.

Investigate these four areas if your carousel cooking tray is not turning:

Turntable Guide

Check the turntable guide to make sure it is lined up properly and that there is no debris caught in it. You may need to re-align or clean your turntable guide.

Drive Bushing

Examine the plastic drive bushing the turntable tray sits on. It may have become worn, or even may have split in two.

Carousel Cooking Tray

Check the carousel tray to make sure it is sitting correctly on its turning mechanism. If it isn’t, adjust it slightly for proper functioning.

Carousel Tray Motor
Your carousel cooking tray is propelled by its own motor. An inoperable cooking tray could mean a dysfunctional cooking tray motor.

My microwave isn’t heating and I can hear a loud buzzing noise.

Investigate these three areas if your microwave won’t heat but you hear a loud buzzing or humming noise:

Power Diode

A diode is an electronic component that readily passes current in one direction only and blocks the flow of current in the opposing direction. If your microwave’s diode has become defective, your microwave will not heat and you will hear a buzzing noise. Test the diode to determine if this is the cause of your problem. Replace it if it is defective.

High Voltage Capacitor

A capacitor is an electrical device which stores electricity. A defective capacitor may be why your microwave is not heating but you are hearing a buzzing or humming noise. The capacitor will have to be tested to determine if this is the cause of your problem. A defective capacitor will have to be replaced before your microwave will work again. Make sure you discharge the capacitor before you test it, though.


A defective magnetron is the third possible cause of why your microwave is not heating, but you can hear a buzzing noise. Test your microwave’s magnetron. Replace it if it is defective.

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